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MorphoMed aims to become a leading development company for tissue engineering of ligaments and tendons based on its proprietary medical silk technology, thus leading to tissue regeneration and recovery of the body’s own functional tissue. Our lead product RegACL, a regenerative anterior cruciate ligament from silk will enter into clinical trials end of 2018.
Our technology platform

“To morph” means “to transform in appearance, form or character”. In our case, MorphoMed’s novel silk-based tissue engineering scaffolds are transformed into new body tissue. While the silk scaffold undergoes slow biological degradation, a new ligament or tendon is formed including aligned collagen fiber bundles, vascularization and anchoring bone tissue. 

In the future, the principle of tissue regeneration will become one of the most important sectors of modern medical device technology, since all implants, be they steel, polymers or other materials, have their limitations and will never fully mimic human tissue, especially not in the long term.
About us

MorphoMed, a MedTech Start-Up company founded in Vienna in May 2017  focusses on the development of new regenerative ligament and tendon implants based on its proprietary medical silk technology. MorphoMed is a spin-off of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology in the AUVA Trauma Research Center.

Our lead product, a medical silk ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) transplant might help hundreds of thousands of patients after an ACL rupture to regenerate their ligament and get back to normal life including sports activities without loss of other valuable tissue such as tendons.
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